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About Custom Bottles Branded Bottled Water

Custom Bottles Branded Water, is all about bottling and distributing high quality bottled water. Custom Bottles Water is regularly analysed by the CSIR. Custom Bottles Water specialises in bottling branded water for the tourist and hospitality industry, Corporate branding, Golfing estates and sporting events.

Custom Bottles Bottled Water – Shelf Life

Custom Bottles Water has a minimum shelf live of 2 years if stored under ideal conditions. Analytical tests on a 5 year sample of Custom Bottles Water indicate that the quality is of high standard. The sample was stored at room temperature in a non-sterilized container.

Custom Bottles Branded Water – Mineral Content

The mineral content is specified on our label in accordance with the SABS specification 1657:1996 and is follows:water-mineral-content

Market and Advertise

If you thought there were no more creative and affordable ways to market your company, why not try custom labelled bottled water. Market your company in-house or at trade shows – the possibilities are endless.

We offer you:

– Branded Bottled Water – Bottled Water

– Our services offered allow you the flexibility to have clean, clear water 24/7. We use reverse osmosis system to give you our client the best purified.

Custom Bottles takes pride in the following Principles:

– Excellent quality water. – Convenient service. – Tailor made packages for whatever your needs might be.

– Custom Bottles offers purified water that has a TDS (Total Dissolvable Solids) of less than 10ppm purified through a 7 stage reverse osmosis system purified to remove all contaminants.

Custom Bottles Branded Water Bottles

Promote your brand in new and exciting ways with branded water from Custom Bottles – one of the leading bottled water suppliers in South Africa.

Marketing can be a very hit and miss Endeavour, but personalized branded water bottles are a sure way to get your name in front of everyone! Rows upon rows of personalized water bottles on display at product launches or corporate events, and then carried around for maximum exposure throughout the day – and beyond.

Why promote a water company when you could be promoting yourself? Custom Bottles have a wide range of options for labeling your branded water – we can put almost anything on the label itself and we’re happy to help with the design if you don’t have existing artwork. Choose from sparkling or still branded water in sizes – from 330ml, through 500ml.

As well established bottled water suppliers, Custom Bottles maintains very high standards of purity in all our branded water, and we’re confident there’s no better product on the market. With a clean, fresh taste, our branded water has low sodium content and is the perfect complement to a healthy diet.

Custom Bottles’ personalized water bottles are an ideal branding solution for any company or public event. From fundraising events and product launches to golf days or corporate sponsorship – branded water is a great idea for anything your business has an interest in.

Maximize your marketing budget with practical, healthy branded water from Custom Bottles bottled water suppliers.

Get a quote for your personalized water bottles today by calling or clicking the ‘Request a Quote’ button now – and start thinking what you’d like to see on the labels of your very own branded water bottles.